Thief steals a bicycle, but stops to pet puppy before leaving

The video of the thief went viral on social media this weekend.
United States. A thief in San Diego was caught on video giving himself a moment to pet a dog before stealing a bicycle.
The event, captured by security cameras, gave much to talk about to users, who made the video viral, due to the impudence of the criminal who, without fear of anything, steals things from the garage of the victims.
The video, which was shared by San Diego police on their official social media channels, shows the subject in what appears to be a garage in a neighborhood.
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The thief, instead of carrying out his crime quickly, stops, seeing the presence of the canine.
In the recording, you can see how the thief strokes the dog, who seems to enjoy the moment of attention.

Thief stops to play with the dog before fleeing! 😳🐶
The #SanDiego Police Department shared a video where a thief is seen in action; What caught the attention is that the offender stopped for a minute to pet a Golden Retriever before committing …
— Fuerza Informativa Azteca (@AztecaNoticias) August 7, 2023
The Golden Retriever ran to see who was in his home. Seeing that it was a person who was loitering, he approached, confident, the subject and was playful with him.
The video caused different comments, some negative about the friendly attitude of the dog, while others defend the dog, arguing that dogs of that breed are not to be guardians of the home, they are part of the family.
Some took advantage of the moment to make jokes about the event, such as “Before you steal your bike, scratch my belly.”
Source UnoTv.

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