Books propose working on projects to transform reality: specialists

Morelia, Michoacán.- One of the ways in which children will be learning now of basic education is with projects, which will allow them to have a greater social awareness and more tools to transform reality, specialists exposed in the table of analysis Pears and Apples of the SMRTV, on the new textbooks, as reported in a statement.
The doctor in Education Sciences, who participated in the preparation of the books, Juan Manuel Tapia Díaz, explained that one of the distinctions posed by the new materials is the work by projects, which can be classroom, school or community, according to their impact.
This will allow children to have a broader vision of the problems of their environment, as well as work as a team to transform reality. The primary school teacher pointed out that, in addition to scientific knowledge, students will learn community knowledge, which will enrich their projects.
According to Elisa Juárez Popoca, a teacher in Communication and Educational Technologies, who also participated in the preparation of the books, working by projects will allow children to learn to solve social problems, and thus better know their environment to take care of it.
The retired teacher with 35 years of service, stressed that the books of the New Mexican School, bet to bring students closer to reality. And it is that the projects range from getting involved in the environmental care of a community, to knowing and improving the feeding process.

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