Pakistan: Seven children and one man rescued after being trapped in cable car

On Tuesday, rescuers rescued seven children and a man in Pakistan after they were trapped in a cable car high above a ravine, about 275 meters high. The rescue experience was “terrible” and lasted for more than 15 hours. It was seven student children with their teacher, who were trapped in the cable car since 7 am local time, when they were on their way to school in a remote mountainous area of Battagram.According to the authorities, the cable car was stranded halfway down a ravine, about 275 meters high, and hung from a single cable after the other broke, A rescue official at the scene said. In addition, the security and rescue mission operations suffered complications from gusts of wind in the area and the fact that the rotor blades of the helicopters risk further destabilizing the cabin. Fortunately and after more than 15 hours of rescue, the high-risk operation was successfully completed in the dead of night after the cable car was hitched early in the morning.” All children have been rescued successfully and safely,” interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar said on his Twitter account. And then I continue: “Great teamwork by the military, rescue departments, district administration and local population.”

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