translated from Spanish: 371 deaths and 818 deaths suspected of Covid-19 report

Mexico City.-One day after the national day of Healthy Distance ends, 371 deaths and 818 suspicious deaths from Covid-19 are reported on Friday, of a total of 9,415 deaths accumulated as a result of this virus in Mexico.Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, undersecretary of prevention and health promotion, also reported that the pandemic was followed very active and this day increased by 4% with 3,227 people infected with coronavirus.

He said that the 818 suspicious deaths are being analysed, in which technical groups are working to identify the cause of death from death certificates, which correspond to people who could not have their specimens taken at the federal entities.

In this new report, he said that Sinaloa is going down in mortality and was overtaken by Tabasco in fifth place on the death chart, but the states with the highest number of people killed by Covid-19 are Mexico City, State of Mexico, Baja California and Veracruz.La figures of more suspected coronavirus deaths are in the Valley of Mexico and the aforementioned states , which in days will possibly be added to the numbers of decesses already confirmed.

Last Thursday, Dr. Lopez-Gatell warned that as long as the pandemic remains active in the country and more contagions are going to die more people. You may be interested:Exige PAN-Senado resignation of López-Gatell SRE extends temporary suspension of passport issuanceThe Youtuber Markitos Toys gives 100 thousand pesos to families of the basurón de Culiacán, Sinaloa

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