Aníbal Lotocki will be investigated for the death of Mariano Caprarola

After the death of Mariano Caprarola, Fernando Burlando initiated a lawsuit against Aníbal Lotocki, who is disqualified from practicing medicine, to investigate the cause of death of the fashion producer, who in 2010 had been operated by the “celebrity surgeon” and since then presented different complications in his health. This afternoon from DDM, Burlando spoke with Mariana Fabianni and detailed the case he initiated against the questioned doctor. “In order to investigate the causal link and the medical practices of Aníbal Lotocki mentioned by Mr. Caprarola,” subscribes the complaint that is in the hands of Judge Diego Slupski and the investigation will be carried out by prosecutor Martín Mainardi.  Also from the cycle they stressed that because the remains of the fashion critic were cremated, Justice must resort to his medical records in the health centers where he was treated in the last time. For his part, Burlando was hopeful with the advance of justice on the figure of Lotocki and said: “I think the definition of this issue is imminent. All these circumstances that have become public, that generate concern in society, should also generate concern in the judges who are part of society. I think we need an answer, because society deserves it. There can’t be so many people with problems, so many people sick and with a time bomb in their body,” he said. 

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