Crew members of a ferry throw a passenger into the sea and dies in Athens

Athens. – The captain of a ferry and three of its crew are charged with murder in the death of a passenger who arrived late and was thrown into the sea when he tried to get on the boat.
The incident was caught on video and broadcast on social media, sparking fury across the country.
It shows the passenger running down the Blue Horizon ramp, which was still lying when it was about to set sail.
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The passenger tries to push his way between two crew members on the ramp, who struggle with him.
When the passenger gets back on the ramp, a crew member stops and pushes him just as the ferry sets sail.
The passenger disappeared between the boat and the dock.

🇬🇷 | Tragic moment when a passenger is pushed into the sea:
A 36-year-old man died after being pushed into the sea by a crew member of the Blue Horizon ferry in Greece.
It happened in the port of Piraeus, in Athens, Greece, a crew member arrested a…
— Global Alert (@AlertaMundial2) September 6, 2023
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