5 questions to Nobodies after the release of the song “Miss you”

“Nobody” means ‘nobody‘ in English, and that was the reason why the American and Buenos Aires-based brothers, Chelo Michelli (vocals) and Andrew Michelli (drums), called the band this way: “We believe that being rigidly defined can limit creativity and authenticity. By freeing ourselves from those expectations and preconceptions, we can explore and express ourselves freely, without restrictions,” they commented in an exclusive interview with Filo.News.Formerly they were the youth band Sonus, signed by Sony Music Latin. They made the official theme for the Disney series starring Jenna Ortega, “Stuck In The Middle”, and opened for Justin Bieber, One Direction and Jonas Brothers.In 2015 they sold out their show at Luna Park, and then separated in 2016. With the feeling of something pending, the bilingual brothers, Andrew and Chelo, decided to form a new band for a more mature audience and being completely true to themselves in their creative expression.” Being ‘nobody’, we can be anything we want and when we want. This philosophy also applies to music and its various genres. We want to stay open to exploring a wide range of musical styles and artistic expressions, without feeling tied to just one genre. We were inspired by our passion for music in all its forms with all its influences,” they reflected. The artists spoke with Filo News about their past, present and what is coming in the future. You can read it here.
1. What do you remember about your time at Sonus? Why did they separate?Our time at Sonus was an essential part of our career and gave us many very valuable and meaningful experiences in the field of music from a very young age. They really contributed greatly to our professional training as artists and musicians. The decision to part ways with Sonus was not an impulsive choice, but rather a natural evolution. We felt that Sonus had completed its cycle and that we were experiencing a very deep need to explore new artistic directions.We wanted to expand our creative boundaries and embrace a new, more authentic and diverse musical identity. This is how “nobodies” was born, a new project that reflects that search. The separation of Sonus allowed us to give way to this new phase in our career, where we can explore different musical styles and artistic expressions in a more free and sincere way. Looking back on our time at Sonus, we remember the experiences we lived with great affection and gratitude. The lessons learned and experiences at that stage were many and continue to be a valuable part of who we are today and have prepared us for the exciting path we are now traveling as “nobodies”.
2. When you were at Sonus you worked for Disney on Jenna Ortega’s series, did you know her? Would you like to recompose the music for a TV show?During our time at Sonus, we had the opportunity to work on Jenna Ortega’s Disney series “Stuck In The Middle.” Although we didn’t have the opportunity to meet Jenna Ortega personally, we really enjoyed working on the project and contributing the music for the series. We would definitely be excited to compose music for a TV show again in the future. The experience of creating music for visual media is very rewarding and allows us to combine our passion for music with visual storytelling. If the right opportunity arises and the project fits with our artistic vision, we would be happy to embark on another musical adventure for television.3. At that time they also opened for Justin Bieber, One Direction and Jonas Brothers. Which band would you like to support for Nobodies?Without a doubt, all the opening experiences were incredible and gave us valuable learnings for our growth as artists. Speaking about which band we would like to support for in the future with nobodies, we definitely have a lot of aspirations, but I think definitely “The 1975” would be the ultimate dream. It’s our favorite band and a constant source of inspiration for us. We deeply admire their level of artistic mastery, the passion they convey in their performances, and the impact they have on their audience with their music.In fact, the influence of “The 1975” was a determining factor in starting this new project, as its artistic approach and ability to fuse different styles resonated so much with our own creative vision and what we wanted to carry out. Sharing the stage with them would be a dream come true and it would give us a unique opportunity to learn and grow immensely. Of course, we remain open to all possibilities and are excited for the possible future collaborations and experiences that music has in store for us.I think our ultimate dream would be to do a collaboration with “The 1975”. If one day in life we have the opportunity to work side by side with them, exchanging ideas and perspectives it would be heaven on earth.4. What can you tell us about the behind-the-scenes of “Miss You”?Behind the theme “Miss You”, there is a significant and exciting story that marks the beginning of our new project as “nobodies”. This song and its music video represent a bold step towards a new direction in our artistic career. This song not only marks the birth of the band, but also symbolizes our return to music from Sonus. The music video for “Miss You” was shot entirely in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, in the heart of downtown. We chose this iconic urban setting to highlight the energy and aesthetics of the city we love. In addition, we were lucky enough to capture the magic of the sunset in the visuals of the video, which added a magical and unique atmosphere that was captured in an incredible way.5. What’s coming in the future? Will you continue to work songs only in English or are songs coming in Spanish?Currently, we are working on songs in English, as this language has allowed us to communicate our ideas and emotions effectively. However, we want to clarify that we do not rule out the possibility of exploring Spanish in our repertoire in the future. We believe that music is a universal and powerful language that can transcend language and cultural barriers. If at some point we feel that a song in Spanish fits adequately with our artistic vision and allows us to convey our authenticity, we would be open to creating a song in this language. For us, the most important thing is that any change in our approach is consistent with our identity as artists and resonates with our creative values. Ultimately, we are excited to continue our journey and share our music with the world, whether in English or Spanish, always keeping quality and authenticity at the center of everything we do.

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