How was the debut of Coti Romero and Thómas Holder at Bailando 2023

Yesterday, two of the former Big Brothers debuted on the dance floor of Bailando 2023, and their presentations caused a stir, for better and for worse in the juries. While the first of the former participants to dance was Alexis “El Conejo” Quiroga who did it on Tuesday, at Wednesday’s gala Coti Romero and Thomas Holder came to the program to indicate their route in the contest. The first to enter was Coti who had as a preview his love story with “El Cone” with Marcelo Tinelli as celestino of the ex-couple who fell in love in the reality of Big Brother and separated a few months ago. There they played a possible reconciliation and from the Streaming area “El Cone” offered her a flower with dedication included, while the young woman was more reluctant. However, when it came to dancing with their partner, Jitsu Díaz, the couple dazzled the jury in the “Urban Rhythm” and obtained a total of 17 points, this being the highest score to date. For his part, Thomas Holder also had his moment on the dance floor 2023 and his previous one was viral when Marcelo Tinelli played to throw wave to his mother, Gisela Gordillo who was on the floor and followed the driver in the “hysteriating”. This good your old woman. She is seen as a good mine and she is strong,” Tinelli launched before the response of Holder who threatened him: “Mom is single but I am dangerous,” the participant replied quickly. However, at the time of the dance he was not so lucky because despite the praise of Marcelo Tinelli, the jury did not like the performance of the young man from Rosario and did not hesitate to highlight it. Holder chose to start the quartet rhythm and did so with the themes of La K’onga, but failed to conquer the jury. Remember that for this first instance the participants will be able to choose the rhythm and the song to dance. Angel highlighted the attitude and good predisposition but at the time of scoring he put a two (2), Pampita, who has for this round the secret vote, marked different issues to improve, Moria Casán put a three (3) while he fervently praised the dancer, Agostina Caute. Finally, Marcelo Polino threatened to apply the -2, and release the new rule of the program, but at the insistence of Tinelli was limited to release the zero (0) giving him a final score of five (5) points, the lowest of the round. 

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