Jorge Lanata remains hospitalized and had to return to intensive care

Today, from the cycle of America TV, “A la Tarde”, updated the information on the health of Jorge Lanata who has been hospitalized since August 23 as a result of a bacteriemic urinary infection and during these days his condition was changing, but he still does not get medical discharge. According to Diego Estévez, for the cycle conducted by Karina Mazzocco, it was expected that yesterday, Thursday 7, he was discharged, but a complication not only prevented that, but took him back to intensive care. He also said that after 24 hours under observation, he would be stabilized thanks to constant monitoring. “Today there would have been a slight improvement, anyway, the situation is delicate, this in light of the discharge that was expected yesterday”The journalist said. However, given the concern of the driver who warned of the pre-existing complications that Lanata carries, she hoped for a quick improvement for the journalist, however, Estévez again emphasized the word “delicate” when referring to the current state of the driver. Days ago from LAM, Angel De Brito said that, also, the day they were going to move him to a common room, they could not do it. “He’s intubated, sedated, with some respiratory problems,” he said. Recall that Lanata had kidney failure, a fact for which he had to undergo a cross transplant, which was carried out in 2015. 

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