The trial began for the death of teenager Lucía Costa Osores due to the explosion in a bar in San Miguel

The trial began for the death of teenager Lucía Costa Osores as a result of burns suffered on Friday, October 9, 2020, when an explosion was generated in the Zar Burguers bar, located in the Buenos Aires town of San Miguel, where she had gone with friends. Liz Barrionuevo, lawyer for the teenager’s family, reported that the trial will last until November and brings to court the owner Carlos Eduardo Oliverio, the waitress Priscila Lucca and the manager of the Marina de los Angeles Ramírez commercial premises, accused of culpable homicide. You may also be interested: Three people were charged for the explosion in the bar of San Miguel”We hope that the three accused are sentenced to the maximum penalty and that it is effectively enforced,” said the legal defender in dialogue with Telam, where he pointed out that “the maximum penalty for the homicide of Lucia is 6 years to which are added the serious injuries of the friends” of the teenager. “From the defense tried to hinder the proceedings with the presentation of irrelevant and malicious expertise, the truth is that we have strong evidence,” he added. Meanwhile, he accused that there was “manipulation of the security cameras by Oliverio and Ramírez who disconnected them and manipulated them to prevent justice from making contact with the irregularities that occurred” on Friday of the fact. On the other hand, the lawyer pointed out that there is another case in the Correctional Court No. 2 that investigates whether the brewery had “the corresponding authorization and permits” for its operation. The tragic situation happened when one of the workers of the bar wanted to recharge with a liquid the torch inside a small container used as a centerpiece, which overturned and caused the partial explosion in the place. As a result, eight people were injured and were taken to Larcade Hospital and the Larcade Burn Institute. The only fatality was Lucia, who suffered serious burns that caused her death in the health center where she was hospitalized. For his part, Maximiliano, the uncle of the young woman, denounced at the time of the accident that there was “abandonment of person because while the clients were leaving the place, nobody attended to the injured young woman.” The event was recorded in a video that was released minutes after the fact. 

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