Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis protest after the conviction of their partner, Danny Masterson

Yesterday the sentence to be served by Danny Masterson was known, after being denounced by three women of rape. The “That’70s Show” actor had been detained since May, when the jury found him guilty in two of the three sexual abuse complaints against him. After it was revealed that the actor faces a sentence of 30 years in prison today, the letters that were issued in favor of the defendant were released, among which are the support of his colleagues, Asthon Kutcher and Mila Kunis. And while there were more than 50 letters presented by the defense, that of the actors who shared the set with Masterson drew attention for their fierce defense of the artist. Kutcher’s letter referred to the defendant as a “role model,” they said. While in his letter, Kunis praised the “exceptional character” of Masterson. The letters were obtained by journalist Tony Ortega, who covers everything to do with Scientology, and posted them on his official website. “While I am aware that the verdict has been handed down as guilty of two counts of rape by force and the victims have a strong desire for justice, I hope that my testimony about his character will be taken into account in sentencing.”, says Kutcher’s letter which adds: “I don’t think it’s an ongoing harm to society and for your daughter to grow up without a father present would be a tertiary injustice in itself. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”Kunis said: “I wholeheartedly attest to Danny Masterson’s exceptional character and the tremendous positive influence he has had on me and the people around him. His dedication to a drug-free life and genuine attention to others make him an exceptional role model and friend.”, stressed the actressRemember that Kutcher and Masterson recently coincided again in the Netflix series “The Ranch”, but after the accusations the actor was disassociated from the project. At the time in 2023, Kutcher said in an interview with Esquire that he wanted Masterson “to be found not guilty of the charges against him.” However, he stated that it did not mean that the actor would get rid of the fact if he had committed the alleged crimes. Kutcher expressed his wish that his friend was not guilty. “I’m not the judge. I am not the jury. I’m not the prosecutor. I am not the victim. And I am not the defendant. And if so, in that case, I don’t have space to comment. I just don’t know,” he said. Regarding the allegations against Masterson, Ashton said that “Someday, your son is going to read about this,” he lamented. He also referred to victims of abuse and said: “I am sorry wholesale for anyone who feels they have been raped in any way,” she said. 

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