The Buenos Aires government will reinforce security measures in the City

The Ministry of Justice and Security of the City of Buenos Aires announced a security deployment in the Northern Corridor of the city, composed of the neighborhoods of Retiro, Recoleta, Palermo, Colegiales, Belgrano and Núñez, starting at midnight on September 15. The measure seeks to strengthen surveillance in a strategic area that experiences an increase in the influx of people during the spring season. The presentation of this initiative took place at the Urban Monitoring Center (CMU) in the neighborhood of Chacarita, and was headed by the Minister of Justice and Security of the City, Gustavo Coria, together with the Undersecretary of Community Security and Criminal Investigation, Aníbal Falivene.The reinforcement of security in the Northern Corridor will include the incorporation of more than 700 new police, that will be added to the surveillance work, supported by 270 patrol cars and motorcycles, as well as the collaboration of 1000 prevention agents. These decisions were based on the data provided by the Crime Map in communes 2, 12, 13 and 14, and on the consideration of the growing agglomeration of people who take advantage of public spaces and parks during this time of year.
It should be remembered that this measure covers the area where a few weeks ago the murder of Mariano Barbieri, an engineer stabbed by a thief in a square in Palermo, occurred.Minister Coria highlighted three key points in this security strategy. First of all, he expressed his full support for the police officers who are part of the force and the willingness to work of the entire Government and, in particular, of his ministry. Secondly, emphasis was placed on investment in equipment and technology, which includes the acquisition of 181 patrol cars and 79 new vans, the completion of the construction of two police stations, the inauguration of a new Urban Monitoring Center in Comuna 8 and the creation of a fire detachment. Thirdly, the decision was announced to increase the police presence in the streets of the Northern Corridor, without neglecting the needs of other communes. Coria explained that this measure is based on the seasonal behavior of the population, which tends to enjoy more public space, bars and restaurants with rising temperatures, a phenomenon that usually begins in September and extends until mid-March. In addition to the 700 new police and patrol vehicles, security in the aforementioned neighborhoods will be reinforced with 50 two-manned motorcycles, 60 electric bicycles destined for squares and parks, and 1,600 prevention agents, firefighters and civil defense personnel in public spaces and in areas of great affluence such as bars, restaurants and mass events. The minister stressed that personnel are not being relocated from other communes, but that this action is based on the efficiency achieved in other management areas, such as the implementation of 911 to make complaints and 0-800-FISCAL, which reduced the need to make claims in police stations. As a result, police personnel previously tasked with these tasks will be able to be deployed on the streets, while civilian police personnel will assume these responsibilities.

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