Lammens asked to recover the angry vote that Milei capitalized

The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, asked to “turn the campaign” and debate internally to recover the angry vote that capitalized the candidate for president of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, in the PASO.De according to NA, the aspiring Buenos Aires legislator, in an interview with Splendid-AM 990, he said: “I thought it was wonderful what the vice president said on Saturday, uncomfortable and thinking inside our space.” In that sense, the current national official the internal debate must take place because “otherwise the solutions are brought by people like Milei.” Under this framework, he stressed that “problems are not solved by stopping the factories, the classes” but by discussing inwards to find alternatives to conflicts. In that way, Lammens said: “I have been saying it and I talk about it with (Sergio) Massa, we have to give our campaign one more turn, stop talking about the present State, and talk about the State that works.” At the same time, he added: “Somehow, running them to them, with the same allegations, there are discussions that society took for granted, what happened on August 13 does not imply that society believes what some candidates say.” Finally, he stressed that the 30% achieved by Milei in the PASO “expresses a vote with anger, more than reflective hatred of thinking what a candidate is going to do” and remarked that he does not believe “that there is a part of society that does not want there to be public universities, that believes that Videla, Agosti and Massera have not been a dictatorship.”

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