NTVG Releases “Los Siento” with Leiva and Announces New Collaboration

At the end of last year, Leiva and No Te Va Gustar got together in Montevideo with the firm intention of participating in a project together. The meeting proved to be a magnificent experience for everyone, where camaraderie, artistic inspiration and music were the main engine, generating an incredible atmosphere, proof of the affection and respect they have for each other. From the friendly and enriching confluence two wonderful songs are born, “Lo Siento” and “OK”, in which, with perfect alchemy, they manage to combine their imprints without losing personality, offering a result that is more than the sum of the parts.” Lo Siento” is a song that has a lot of NTVG’s DNA but, with Leiva’s contribution, a particular atmosphere is generated and takes a surprising flight. Leiva not only provides the vocals, but is also part of the composition and production, in a track in which the keyboardist of his band (La Leiband), the great Cesar Pop, who also participated in the sessions in Montevideo, joins in. “Lo Siento” is, in essence, an elegant rock with impeccable arrangements and a super infectious chorus. Naturally, the encounter between the two artists, Leiva and NTVG, makes it clear that music is one, and that Madrid and the Río de la Plata are not as far apart as it seems. While “Ok” also urges those sessions of creation and fraternity; of barbecues, wine and music. From the beginning, with that sublime and hummable chorus of house-mark-of-the-house winds, Leiva once again shows his killer instinct for melody, in such a way that the verses do not need rhyme as they narrate an ineffable feeling where demons and wonders embrace while a half-sided smile is scribbled with acoustic chalk on a soulless blackboard. The vocal counterpoint, heartfelt and excited, is provided by Emiliano Brancciari, who participates, along with the rest of the members of NTVG, in the recording.

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