David Lebón dazzled his audience at the Opera and announced a new show for 2024

Legendary Argentinian musician David Lebón dazzled his fans with two consecutive sold-out shows at the Teatro Ópera, where he immersed his fans in nights full of excitement and nostalgia. During the show, the former Serú Girán, who at 71 years of age is more relevant than ever, announced his first microstadium Arena de Villa Crespo for May 4, 2024.He started the night with “Sin vos voy a estallar”, a classic from his already immortalized album “El tiempo es veloz”, in what would be a night full of surprises, with classics and reversions of his mythical classics that he performed in “Herencia Lebón”. As it could not be otherwise, the repertoire chosen by David ranged from the immortalized classics of Serú Girán to the hidden gems of his solo career. “How Much More Time It Will Take”, “Andalusian Dog”, “Pleasant World”, “Time Is Fast”, “San Francisco and the Wolf” and “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”, were some of the songs rigorously selected by the legendary artist. The staging had a carefully designed visual production that combined dynamic light games, artistic projections and a scenography that took you back to the history of national rock and that complemented the experience. David Lebón at the Teatro Ópera | Photo: @tutedelacrroix and @foccoprodu. As a particular trait, David always takes a moment to share with the public anecdotes, reflections and thanks for having accompanied him during all these years. “If there’s something I’m going to have a hard time leaving when I have to leave… Home (laughs), it’s you and my family. But you are my big family and I love you with all my soul, Argentina. I had to put up with a lot of things in the 70s… The boys took me for a walk, some beatings… But this is my home. I love you,” said the artist, who was one of the many kidnapped during the last military dictatorship. In an interview with A24, Lebón said that the kidnapping took place for two weeks, although it was due to ignorance, since to kidnap him they only took into account that in his children’s room there were two toy handies. “I was subjected to all kinds of electronic gymnastics, to make me run through wastelands shooting shots so that I tripped, fell and hurt myself, to drown. They really scared me a lot,” the artist acknowledged in 2021. Ruben Rada with Lebón at the Teatro Ópera | Photo: @tutedelacrroix and @foccoproduEl highlight of the night was, without a doubt, the emotional performance of “Desarma y sangra” -a song that according to the artist himself is the most difficult for him to sing- and “Seminare”, both by Serú Girán. On Saturday evening, he was also accompanied by the legendary guitarist Alambre and his faithful friend and colleague Rubén Rada. Lebón’s shows have been, for years, a celebration of the music, history and lasting impact of one of the fathers of our national rock.

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