Mica Viciconte’s defense after being accused of “living in exchange”

The social media business is a large flow of commercial exchange between brands and influencers, who sometimes use it as a form of income or to access benefits that would otherwise be difficult to afford. And although this modality is the most recurrent among show business, some people feel the need to go out and respond to those who accuse them of “living in exchange”. This was the case of Mica Viciconte, who together with Fabián Cubero have their Instagram accounts where they advertise all kinds of products and events. Faced with the insistent messages from the followers, the panelist of “Ariel en su salsa” decided to come out to answer and clarify her current situation: “Sometimes, I get comments like ‘is your life a trade-in?’ And, the truth is, it’s ugly to read this because I don’t harm anyone. My work in networking generates a lot of work and sometimes if a brand offers me or I need something, why not help each other?”, began in his defense. And he justified: “Today everything is so expensive… Sometimes, you would like to have that money to be able to buy it and you can’t because we have other priorities. Hopefully we can be well and help each other, have a nice day.”, she closed sincerely. 

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