The Third Little Star: the decoration for the Christmas tree for the world champion country

In a few weeks it will be one year since Argentina’s victory over France in the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and what it meant to obtain the third star. Ahead of the first anniversary, several tributes are coming to relive the historic moment that included some six million people in the streets to welcome the world champions. On December 7, they will premiere two historical films: “Boys, the People’s Movie” and “I Choose to Believe.” The first will be narrated by Guillermo Francella and is based on the short story “Messi’s suitcase”, by Hernán Casciari. It includes unpublished videos provided by FIFA and audiovisual material generated by fans of the National Team and Influencers. The second is the official film of the AFA and has testimonies of the protagonists, told in the first person and from intimacy and includes the characteristic voice of Ricardo Darín in charge of narrating the epic and dramatic story. Among other tributes, there is one that can be part of our Christmas tree: the three little stars. The iconic Christmas ornament that goes on the top of the tree but in a World Cup version. During the World Cup celebrations, Federico Cerruti, an advertising creative and soccer fanatic, realized that his Christmas tree was missing something: two more stars on the tip. Thus, between the celebrations, work and the end of the year, the goal was to make this product possible. “I started asking for quotes for 3D printing, I made a prototype and then a friend bought it for me. That’s when I realized it was going to work and I scaled the project as much as I could. At the peak of orders, I had more than 200 users on social media asking me for the stars. I couldn’t keep up but I did what I could,” recalled Federico.For the anniversary of the celebrations, the three little stars are back on sale. To learn more about them, click here.

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