“Alternative Therapy” premiered its second season with Carla Peterson and new patients

“Alternative Therapy”, the series by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat (by Kapow), written and again directed by Ana Katz, premiered its second season this Wednesday on Star+ with the return of Carla Peterson as psychologist Selva Pérez Salerno.You may also be interested in: “Bellas Artes”: this is what the new comedy by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat will be like after “Nada” and “El Encargado”In these new episodes, new patients arrive at the office. Among them: Darío, Serena and Amadeo, “a ‘trieja’ that oscillates between separation and irrepressible passion; and Betty (Ana María Cores) and Raúl (Víctor Laplace), a married couple of well-known musical comedy artists who get along very badly. At the same time, still stalked by Grace, Selva begins a personal journey that frees her from her ghosts and places her in front of unexpected scenarios for the future,” as the synopsis advances. The main performances will have the incorporation of Griselda Siciliani, the Spanish actor Daniel Rovira, and the Uruguayan actor Alfonso Tort. They will be alongside Daniel Cabot (as Miguel Ángel), Rafael Ferro (as Facundo), Malena Pichot (as Lisa), Carola Reyna (as Carola) and Marilina Bertoldi (as Marina), along with other renowned actors and actresses such as Eugenia “China” Suarez (protagonist in the previous season) and the great Graciela Borges (in a character of the same name) who have special participations in the different episodes. Once again, the series will address topics such as polyamorous relationships, new forms of family, fidelity and social prejudices through its particular ironic tone that aims to analyze social mechanisms.” The second season of “Alternative Therapy” will feature seven episodes co-directed by Adriana Vior and co-written by Daniel Katz and Alejandro Jovic.  

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