The government contradicted Pope Francis: “The State has to guarantee other things”

The president’s spokesman, Manuel Adorni, said today that the government does not agree with some of Pope Francis’ latest statements about the role of the state. In some of them we do not agree and it is good that it is so, the Pope is a spiritual leader and we govern an Argentina with problems everywhere,” said the official at his usual press conference at Casa Rosada, which was delayed a couple of hours on Wednesday. This morning, the Supreme Pontiff vindicated the role of the State, stating that “today it is more important than ever and is called to exercise the central role of redistribution and social justice.” That’s not the case,” Adorni contradicted him. “The President has said it on more than one occasion, understanding that social justice, in this logic of compulsively taking some to give to others at the discretion of the official on duty, has been achieved in Argentina, and I understand that in the rest of the world where the State was used as it was used in our country, What we are experiencing today is that 50% of us are poor,” he said. Continuing with his analysis, he said that “this means millions of Argentines to whom the blessed present State has effectively taken everything and has given them nothing.” He added: “The President understands that they may be very nice definitions but that they have not done other things than (what) are in plain sight. People don’t want that, he showed it at the polls, part of the President’s campaign was to tell people how he was going to adjust the state and stop spending money on issues that don’t make people better.” However, he clarified that the government “respects the Pope’s word.” Although he insisted: “The State has to guarantee access to justice, that the law is the same for everyone, guarantee other issues that the State, at least the one we know in Argentina, has not done.”

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