Homero Pettinato responded to Jimena Barón: “You lack empathy”

A few days ago, Jimena Barón made a disclaimer about those who think about other people’s bodies and was outraged with the hate that comes to her because of her lifestyle and how she shows it on social networks. “It’s enough for nutritionists or coaches, I don’t know who they are, to put images of me and say: ‘Because this is a bad example,'” she began by saying from her Instagram and continued: “It’s a bad example, because you don’t have to talk about other people’s bodies,” Barón said. “If you follow me, Miriam, Mabel, Esther… Whoever is using my photo to say that I am a bad example of something, you are lying because I train a lot and eat a lot,” he said.  “If I, despite loving my body and registering that it is very beautiful, I love it and I love it, I want to get to another place, to another point and I have as my goal to have more muscle, to be more marked and to enlarge my arms or whatever, leave me alone. I’m not saying, ‘Don’t eat’ or ‘dehydrate.’ Leave me alone,” Jimena argued. “It’s my body and if I look regal, but I want to keep striving to see myself in a different way, they leave me alone,” she concluded. Homero Pettinato’s responseHowever, a different position opened the debate since Homero Pettinato, analyzed the singer’s words and expressed that she lacks “empathy” for a part of society that does not see itself reflected in her words. From Olga, Pettinato: “When you have the cu.. hegemonic, the objective of the people that was imposed and you say ‘we have to be proud of our bodies’ and you show it, it is a falsehood,” he said. At the same time, he added: “You are telling the person who does not have and cannot reach that, ‘be proud of your body’, but showing a body that is the one that person would like to have, the one that is the parameter of beauty. So if you don’t understand that, you’re lacking empathy,” he said.  Finally, she added that people who think and share the same thinking as the actress, do not help to feel comfortable with their bodies, but reinforce and are functional to a system that leaves out non-hegemonic people: “You’re not really spreading pride, you’re spreading hegemony. ‘ Pride is this body,’ you’re not spreading ‘let’s be proud of the diversity of all bodies.'”

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