Milei asked for “accompaniment” to LLA deputies and said that he will resend the Bases Law “by issues”

This Wednesday, President Javier Milei met with the deputies of La Libertad Avanza and asked them for “accompaniment” in the measures that his administration is implementing and also told them that the frustrated “Bases” law will be sent back to Congress but divided “by issues.” In view of the beginning of the period of ordinary sessions in Congress, which will be inaugurated next Friday night with the message of the Head of State before the Legislative Assembly, Milei met with a good part of the deputies of the ruling bloc – only a couple of absences were counted – for almost two hours in the North Hall of the first floor of the Government House. his spokesman, Manuel Adorni, who recalled that this is not the first meeting of this type with legislators, since Milei “also likes to have first-hand contact with them.” The progress in the administration was analyzed, the issue of the increase in social aid or with the most vulnerable sectors was analyzed,” said the spokesman in his usual press conference and rejected the versions that indicated that the Executive Branch would not send bills to Congress, although he said that it is not defined what they would be. Earlier, one of the participating deputies had said that, among other points, “the ‘Bases’ law will be sent little by little and by issue to Congress.” The presidential spokesman estimated that, in fact, “it’s going to be a pretty arduous year in terms of legislation.” After the meeting with the president, Oscar Zago and the rest of the deputies returned to Congress by subway. The legislators consulted clarified that the president avoided referring to the content of his speech before the Assembly, while an influential deputy relativized the possibility of forming an interbloc with the PRO, although they highlighted the “understanding” that was given during the extraordinary sessions and that, aspiration, to be repeated during the regular session. Deputy Lilia Lemoine, for her part, said it was “an informative meeting.” “People support us, they don’t eat glass. The government is doing what it said in the campaign, people see that the adjustment is about politics,” he added. The libertarian deputy Zago had advanced last Tuesday that in the meeting “surely we are going to have a preview of what the Executive wants, how it wants to start dealing again with that law of Bases that was archived with the 664 articles.” Milei called for the opening of a new period of ordinary sessions of the National Congress for this Friday, March 1, at 8 p.m., according to the Official Gazette, at an unusual time given that presidents traditionally offered their speech at noon.
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