Cecilia Milone’s harsh response to Nito Artaza after he announced the divorce: “Shame”

Cecilia Milone is not having her best moment since for months she has been facing a scandalous separation with Nito Artaza, who finally confirmed today that they signed the divorce. And while Nito was grateful and melancholic about the news, Cecilia preferred to expose her feelings to the surface, without naming her ex-husband. A few days ago, the artist had already expressed herself in a note where she did not want to delve into the separation, nor the rumors of infidelity on the part of Artaza and announced that she was going to turn to poetry to exorcise her feelings. After Nito’s post, Cecilia wrote different texts where one stood out for its title: “Vergüenza” We are ashamed to say that we are ashamed. And yet, it’s as human as feeling happiness or feeling sadness. We can feel the body, or worse, the soul, exposed… or our intimacy… And that, we are ashamed,” he began in his writing. “But it’s not that serious either… I tell myself: It’s just a feeling! And I felt… Know. And I feel… what is said, to feel, to feel!” added Milone. He concluded: “That’s why I sing tango. So, here I am, as always! Brave and sentimental. Feeling whatever there is to feel: even shame!” she concluded.  However, he continued with other posts with self-pitying phrases that he chose to share with his followers: “Only those who love you are sadder than you when they see you cry,” and other phrases that reflect his state of mind. 

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