Dengue outbreak in Jujuy: 138 new cases registered in one week

Amid a worrying increase in dengue cases, the Ministry of Health of Jujuy issued a report on the epidemiological situation in the province. According to the report, 138 new cases of this viral disease were confirmed in recent days, bringing the total number of people affected so far this year to 220. The latest reported cases were recorded between February 17 and 24, prompting health authorities to urge the population to take urgent preventive measures in all regions of the province. Disaggregated data show that the situation is critical in a number of localities. With 94 cases, Perico tops the list, followed by San Salvador with 45 cases, El Carmen with 26 cases, and Libertador San Martín with 21 confirmed cases. However, the spread of dengue is not limited to these areas, as cases were confirmed in other localities, such as San Pedro, La Mendieta, Palpalá, Pampa Blanca, Monterrico, Abra Pampa, Aguas Calientes, Coranzulí, Fraile Pintado, La Quiaca, Los Alisos and Yuto. transmitter of dengue. They recommend the use of repellents following the instructions on the packaging, as well as the use of light-colored clothing that covers most of the body, especially in outdoor activities. In addition, they advise the installation of mosquito nets on doors and windows, as well as the protection of cribs and baby strollers with mosquito nets. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for symptoms of dengue, which include high fever, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint aches, nausea, vomiting, extreme tiredness, and rashes.

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