Hail falls and damage in several parts of the country due to a strong storm

On Friday night and during the early hours of Saturday, an intense storm hit several regions of the country, especially the north of the province of Buenos Aires, the south of Santa Fe and the south of Mendoza, leaving heavy damage. You may also be interested in: Storm alerts in three provinces: weather forecast for AMBA and the interiorIn San Nicolás, a Buenos Aires town, violent winds caused the collapse of the structures used for ExpoAgro 2024, along with several trucks that were parked on the premises and others that were circulating on Route 9, which ended up overturned. The number of severed and downed wires prompted local authorities to ask neighbors to stay in their homes for safety reasons. In the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, and its surroundings, the storm manifested itself with large hail, heavy rains and winds that exceeded 63 km/h, especially around 7:30 p.m. on Friday. In addition, the province of Mendoza also suffered the consequences of the storm, due to the intense fall of hail that, according to authorities, was the size of a city block. In the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires, where the possibility of isolated thunderstorms was expected, several outdoor events scheduled for Friday night had to be suspended as a precaution.

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