Lucía Méndez was right; Madonna asks fan in wheelchairs to get up when she sings –

Mexico. – Lucía Méndez was interviewed by the media about Madonna’s concerts in Mexico City, to which she said that she had no intention of seeing the “queen of pop” because she could scold her again. The day that Lucia Méndez tempted the ego of the diva Madonna, making her angry because the Mexican star had hurt her knee from spinning, she did not stop during the entire concert And Madonna burst furious against Lucia Méndez!— Raul Gutierrez (@raulgtzoficial) March 9, 2024According to Méndez, he explains that he was not standing at Madonna’s concert, which caused discomfort to the singer, as she does not like them to be “glued to her seat.” Now Madonna went viral on social media, when she became upset with an attendee who was seated, to the point that she stopped the show to approach and question him about the fact that he was the only one, he was not standing. It was here that he took the criticism because it was a fan who attended in a wheelchair, so Madonna had no choice but to apologize. It turns out that Lucía Méndez was right in her anecdote with Madonna…— Luis González (@luis_gj) March 8, 2024It was here that social media users apologized to Lucía Méndez from all those who criticized her, because apparently she was right.

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