Nahuel Penisi presents “Por segunda vez” with La K’onga

“The version of ‘Por Segunda Vez’ with La K’onga came about spontaneously. When I released the song, at the end of the year, which we already told the story of second chances, on a television program we were in the dressing room and Diego, from La K’onga told me, “I love Por Segunda Vez”, we can record it some time and sing it together with the band when you present the album. It stayed there, and finally when we found out that we coincided at an event, at the Villa Maria festival in February of this year, we said to sing it and record it. The truth is that it has been a very nice version, where it is a lyric with a tinge of heartbreak and second chances that sometimes calls one to reflection, to nostalgia, with the rhythm of the quartet and with the rhythm of the music of La K’onga, becomes something similar to what happened with Universo Paralelo, It becomes joy and people also have the possibility to sing it from within and to bring out what they have stored. I hope it will be a nice experience and I am very happy to have recorded with La K’onga ‘Por Segunda Vez'”.While releasing this new version of the single, Nahuel is preparing a big show in the capital for the month of September and his tour of Mexico that culminates on June 8 at the LUNARIO!

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