translated from Spanish: Who is Bautista Quintriqueo the femidide of Guadalupe Curual?

Once again another case leaves us stunned, another girl who, after going through different episodes of violence, takes courage and addresses the commissioner in search of someone who listens to and protects her, once again, we are tied up in the throat. 

Justice, increasingly inoperative, selfless, dehumanized, and femicides, becoming more and more unpunished. Because Bautista Quintriqueo didn’t even take the job of taking his victim to a lonely place, ran her through the streets of Villa La Angostura, with a knife in his hand, and there, on an avenue, in front of tourists or passers-by, he killed her. And history repeats itself with impunity, again we regret a woman who will no longer be, again, the useless orders of restriction, the dissofiable denunciations, the dissatisfied. Bautista Quintriqueo, who is detained and hospitalized, since after committing femicide he self-inflicted wounds with the same weapon that minutes earlier had attacked Guadeloupe. He is a 32-year-old folklorist musician, and has a daughter with the victim. 

He also had allegations that Guadalupe had settled, for assaults and death threats. Following the allegations made, jusiticia granted the young woman the perimeter restriction, but the femicide never complied with them.

How many more deaths will the judicial system need to understand that these “solutions” are useless? 10 more, 20 more, 50 more? If we review all the femicides that occurred only in this 2021, the common thread is the same, the aggressor had several complaints about gender-based violence and had to comply with an perimeter restriction that prevents him from approaching the whistleblower. But if the woman’s word doesn’t work, the allegations aren’t enough, maybe the profile of these men is. Part of the profile that defines who Quintirqueo is can be analyzed from posts that the femidide posted to his Facebook account. There, he published various “memes” and sexist poles that, according to behavioral experts, are an alarm that could have alerted to Quintriqueo’s murderous behavior.
Other sexist poles in which he labeled women “people who get angry about everything,” after every relcamo of the Ni Una Menos collective to avoid more femicides. Among many of these poles, the femicide indicated that women like to get “hair, eyebrows, nails and victims”, in clear reference to the struggles against gender-based violence and femicides carried out by feminist groups.
Other sexist poles in which he labeled women “people who get angry about everything,” after every relcamo of the Ni Una Menos collective to avoid more femicides. 

We’ll keep questioning, pushing, marching. But justice has to know, that every femicide is a completely avoidable death, femicides are deaths with warning, the warning of those women who come to each police station to ask for help. We’re not crazy, we’re not exaggerated, we’re not scorned. How long? 

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