“They’re going to end up like Cabezas”: they threatened a TV crew in Rosario

Journalist Nelson Castro and the TN team received death threats during their coverage in the south of Rosario, in the context of the escalation of violence that has hit the city. They’re going to end up like (José Luis) Cabezas,” warns one of the three messages that arrived on the phone of Sebastián Domenech, a reporter for the news channel. Another of the messages reads: “Tell him that if he gets to Seguí and Oroño, we will shoot them out. He who warns does not betray. We don’t want them here. Att., the mob.” The second message emphasizes the threat: “Let him not come near. Out of Rosario.” Then, it ends with an allusion to the case of photojournalist José Luis Cabezas, murdered in January 1997.What Nelson Castro saidIn dialogue with Nadie nos Para, the program hosted by Beto Casella on the Rock and Pop, the journalist recounted: “It is a place where we passed this morning without knowing that they were of such violence, but with a sample of what we are experiencing, it is very shocking.” Regarding the situation in the city, which woke up paralyzed this Monday by the strike of taxis and buses, the suspension of classes and the interruption of the garbage collection service, he commented: “There are no buses, there are no classes, there are few taxis, there are closed gas stations, it is very impressive because drug trafficking manages to paralyze part of Rosario and generates tremendous fear.” We are terrified that this will spread because it has been a scourge for all of Rosario for a long time, but one sees experiences in other countries where they are the real power and they do not care about the judges, nor politics, nor legislators, nor the security forces, they rule,” he said. In addition, he said that before traveling to Rosario, the TN team consulted with experts on the areas where they could circulate. It is impossible to know everything, we are working very carefully, but well, this is our job and our mission and we do not want to be, let’s say, a product of fear,” he concluded.

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