Weather alert for storms in effect in Buenos Aires and three other provinces

According to the Alert System of the National Meteorological Service, the city of Buenos Aires, the province of Buenos Aires and areas of Entre Ríos, Santa Fe and Córdoba, are under alert for strong storms during the day on Monday. “The area will be affected by storms, some locally strong. They may be accompanied by gusts that can reach 75 km/h, significant electrical activity, occasional hail and, mainly, abundant rainfall in short periods,” said the SMN in places where yellow alert is in force. In turn, for the south of Entre Ríos, the south of Santa Fe and the central region of the Buenos Aires territory, the warning is an orange alert: “For this area, rains and storms are expected, some locally strong or severe. They will be accompanied by strong electrical activity, hail, intense gusts, and mainly abundant rainfall in short periods. Accumulated precipitation values between 50 and 80 mm are estimated, and may be exceeded in a timely manner,” the agency reported.
In the face of these adverse weather conditions, residents of the affected areas are advised to take the necessary precautions, such as securing objects that may be blown by the wind, avoiding going outside if it is not strictly necessary, and staying informed through the official communication channels of the SMN and local authorities.

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