Javier Milei took aim at Victoria Villarruel for the treatment of the DNU in the Senate

With the aim of dealing with the mega DNU of State reform, Vice President Victoria Villarruel called a special session in the Senate for this Thursday. After learning of the summons, the Office of the President issued a statement in the last few hours in which it indirectly targets the aforementioned official and part of the opposition. In the run-up to the joint signing of the May Pact, convened by the Executive Branch with the aim of reconstituting the foundations of the Argentine Republic, the Office of the President expresses its concern over the unilateral decision of some sectors of the political class that intend to move forward with their own agenda and without consultation, in order to hinder negotiations and dialogue between the different sectors of the political leadership. The official letter begins. In the letter, the failed session in Deputies to deal with the projects linked to the sanction of a new retirement mobility formula was also mentioned: “Both the hasty treatment of DNU 70/23 and the initiative to promote a retirement formula without consensus violate the spirit of agreement promoted by the President in his call for the May Pact.” “The potential rejection of the DNU, which is currently close to a definition by the Supreme Court of Justice, would entail a serious setback in the rights and needs of the Argentine people, implying, for example, the return of the Rent Law, the return to the rigid system of union social works, the maintenance of the corrupt model of the Automotive Registries, and the repeal of the Open Skies policy, among others,” the statement added. The tension between Milei and Villarruel escalated on Wednesday after the vice president’s decision to convene a session to deal with the DNU in the Senate. In turn, in the message, the president takes aim at the opposition: “The National Government hopes that the Legislative Branch will not be captivated by the siren song of those who intend to ‘score’ short-term victories to the detriment of the future of the 45 million Argentines.” In another paragraph, Milei seems to take aim again at Villarruel: “Finally, the President of the Nation thanks those legislators who, committed to the interests of the Homeland and the path of change, do not lend themselves to the perverse game of those who have deliberately decided to hinder the development of the Nation.” Regardless of any legislative result, the Executive Branch reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the 0% deficit, leaving behind the failed recipes of the political caste and moving decisively towards the path of prosperity and greatness of the Argentine Nation,” the official text concluded. The tension between the Casa Rosada and Victoria Villarruel multiplied on Wednesday due to the vice president’s decision to accept the debate on the mega DNU, at a time when the opposition would have the votes to reject it. The opposition’s claim had been going on for more than a month, but they did not get the number for the quorum and potential rejection of the rule. This scenario changed when a group of opposition senators who are not part of the Union for the Homeland presented another note for the session.

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