Mass dedicated to Akira Toriyama at the request of a Mexican fan –

Mexico. – The death of the creator of Dragon Ball and other anime and manga works, Akira Toriyama, has deeply impacted his fans. For this reason, a Mexican enthusiast decided to organize a religious ceremony in honor of the mangaka in a church, and the video went viral on social media. On TikTok, a video shared by user @ojosnoch was disseminated, in which a follower can be seen requesting during a mass to commemorate the memory of Japanese Akira Toriyama, who died the previous week. Father reacts to Akira Toriyama’s MassIn the video, parishioners are seen sitting in the pews of the church while the priest performs his prayers and reads the names of the people to whom the Mass is dedicated, including Akira Toriyama.Al mentioning the name of the creator of ‘Dragon Ball’ and reading what is written on the paper, Where his connection to the work is specified, the priest begins to smile and nod his head, indicating that he recognizes the aforementioned and is possibly also an admirer of the ‘Saiyans’. After including Akira Toriyama and his works in the Mass, the priest continues with the religious service and continues to mention the remaining people on the list to whom the tribute was dedicated. After the video went viral on TikTok, with more than 900,000 views and nearly 71,000 likes, in which the priest mentions Akira Toriyama during Mass, Internet users expressed their admiration for the Mexican fan who organized the tribute, recognizing his noble gesture. Great is the one who asked for the mass for Akira Toriyama,” one user commented. However, some followers were upset to notice that the priest did not complete the prayers for Akira Toriyama when he realized that the mass was dedicated to the mangaka. Why didn’t he do it, father? He’s just another human in this life. It’s not a game. What a lack of respect for Mr. Akira Toriyama!” one netizen remarked. In this way, several Mexican followers of Akira Toriyama have sought to deal with the death of the mangaka, opting for a spiritual approach by organizing a mass in the church in honor of the artist.

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