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Morelia, Michoacán.- In recent days, the Morena Committee in Michoacán announced who would be its representatives on the ballots for local deputies as well as municipal presidencies, which have come out in different batches. The internal process has led to members who have sought a space for a candidacy not being satisfied, as has been demonstrated by various expressions in recent days. The polling company Parametria carried out a “mirror survey” and showed that the candidacies do not match the profiles that were chosen in the process. For example, Apatzingán, Morelia and Zacapu.De according to the survey carried out on Saturday, March 30 and 31 by the polling company Parametria, where it was used to collect “house by house”, with georeferenced routes of the interviewers, and supported with audios from its application. In the case of District 17 Morelia Southeast, the survey showed the following:SurveyFidel Calderón Torreblanca obtained the best score, above his competitors: Marcela González, Gilberto Morelos, Nalleli Pedraza and Omega Vázquez,
in the seven aspects evaluated, which were: Positive Opinion, where it reached 7.8 percent; In preference as candidate of Morena, PT and Verde Ecologista he obtained 10.9 percent, in compliance he registered 4.0 percent; Regarding the question of voting for him, the results were 10.6 percent, referring to the topic of honesty, the figure was 4.6 percent; In the vicinity it had 4.1 percent; In Knowledge of the Municipality, 11.9 percent, and Good Candidate registered 10.8 percent. In the case of District 7 Zacapu, the poll showed that Juan Pablo Puebla Arévalo won; While in District 23 of Apatzingán, in the demoscopic exercise of Parametria, applied house by house, it places Paola Castañeda above her peers with a 14. 8 of the preferences, ahead of Sandra Olimpia Garibay Esquivel who obtained a third place, with just 6 percent. The annoyance of the militants has led to demonstrations in the interior of the state to the country’s capital, as happened on April 2 in Mexico City, where a group of citizens were against the “designation of the syndic of Lázaro Cárdenas, Manuel Esquivel Bejarano, as candidate for municipal president.

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