Patricia Bullrich against illegal fishing: “We are protecting the maritime border from depredation and crime”

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, together with the Head of the Prefecture, revealed how illegal fishing is being tackled in the Exclusive Economic Zone, highlighting the constant presence and use of advanced technology to protect Argentina’s natural resources. The event, held at the Coast Guard Building, was the setting to highlight the Argentine government’s commitment to the protection of its Argentine Sea. Bullrich, in his speech, stressed the importance of maintaining an active and constant presence of the Naval Prefecture in these waters to guarantee the sustainability of fishing and prevent the disappearance of species. The objective we have is to take care of our Argentine Sea with a permanent presence of the Naval Prefecture so that fishing is sustainable and ensure that the species do not disappear,” said the official. You may also be interested in: Supreme Court evaluates environmental impact of offshore exploration in ArgentinaOne of the key strategies presented by Bullrich is the Coast Guard System, used by the Prefecture, which consists of continuous rotations to maintain constant surveillance in high-risk areas where foreign vessels could enter to carry out illegal fishing activities. We are protecting the maritime border from depredation and crime on our natural resources,” he said. “Thanks to the advanced technology of the Prefectural Coast Guard System, we can exercise effective and absolute control over mile 200 remotely and fine violators from this system. These are the fundamental advances of the Prefecture as the Police of the Sea,” he added.

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