MC candidate for Quiroga denounces that they wanted to pass him off as an member

Morelia, Michoacán. Emiliano Calvo Calderón, candidate for mayor of Quiroga for the Citizens’ Movement (MC), broke his silence and accused his political representation of asking him to adjust the gender issue and start campaigning according to the times, he had to sign a letter of self-ascription changing his gender from male to female. In Mexico there is a law which urges political parties to add candidates who comply with affirmative actions and gender parity to their list in order to ensure that there is a balanced representation in electoral processes, under this scenario Emiliano Calvo Calderón, registered candidate for mayor of Quiroga, He mentioned that the Secretariat of Organization of the Citizens’ Movement informed him a day before the start of the campaign that it was necessary to modify the gender designation of the candidacy. Thus, Calderón Calvo said that he was presented with two options at first; The first was to nominate a woman in his place and the second was for him to define himself as one. However, he also stated that the Secretariat warned him that due to the time pressure it would be impossible to find a “competitive” woman to register, so the only way was for him and the other men in the party to modify the gender affiliation of their respective candidacies; candidacies or councillors, respectively.  “What they suggested to us is that all the men on the payroll sign an LGBT self-ascription annex, to comply with the measure,” said Emiliano Calvo.  In this regard, the “orange” candidate said that accepting the suggestion made to him “does not correspond to the values I represent; And it doesn’t mean that I reject the community, on the contrary, running with a lie, could generate annoyance in the community itself, because it would seem to me an excess that political actors who are being required to go to women, that they simply sign a letter of self-ascription to access public office.” With this position in mind, Calvo Calderón declared that he has no problem with following the rules of parity, but neither does he intend to withdraw from the competition; For this reason, he maintained that he will remain as a candidate until the IEM or the Citizens’ Movement party indicate otherwise, since he will not sign the annex.

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