Colegio de Morelia will be a space for technological and brand development, Alfonso announces

Morelia, Michoacán.- Working closely with young people is one of the strategies that distinguish the governments of Alfonso Martínez Alcázar and, in the next administration, the results will be multiplied through the development of technology and brands so that entrepreneurs have the tools to boost their businesses, they reported in a statement. In a meeting with young businessmen from Coparmex, the candidate of the PAN and the PRD held a pleasant talk with the young people, in which he presented the actions carried out during the current administration. Alfonso announced that for the next government, he will turn the Colegio de Morelia into a space for the development of technology and brands, so that any young person who has an idea, can make it and make it a reality. The candidate pointed out that the objective is to turn Morelia into an innovative and creative city, in which young people are the economic engine of the municipality through the creation of companies that generate jobs. Alfonso Martínez recalled that the government has shown the interest they have towards young people, proof of this, the SPOT Center, which is a place to enhance their skills and talents, through modern and functional facilities.

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