A SENASA strike announced by ATE will paralyze exports for 72 hours

The Association of State Workers (ATE) has announced a 72-hour strike starting this Monday at the National Service of Agri-Food Health and Quality (SENASA), a measure that will affect the country’s exports. The union is protesting against the approval of the Bases Law promoted by the Government, which they consider will seriously affect the functioning of state agencies, including SENASA.” This strike will surely lead to multi-million dollar losses for our country and the government is solely responsible. If the Bases Law is approved, the state will be destroyed,” said Rodolfo Aguiar, secretary general of ATE. The measure of force was confirmed after the majority opinion of the Basic Law project in the Chamber of Deputies and it is considered that this reform will harm the functioning of state agencies.” The only language the government understands is numbers, and that’s why we decided to freeze all exports. All controls at customs, ports and airports will be suspended, and all animal and phytosanitary control barriers in the country will be lifted,” said Aguiar.In addition, on April 30 ATE will mobilize Congress in a new National Day of Struggle within the framework of the Front of State Unions and Guilds of Public Enterprises. date on which the bill will be discussed in the parliamentary precinct.” If this law is passed, President Milei will have the power to restructure any public agency, including downsizing, merging and even dissolving any agency. They have to exempt SENASA from the bodies covered by the law,” the union requested. SENASA is a vital body for the control of agri-food production and grants the necessary certifications for international trade. Without these controls, no exports will take place between Monday 29 and Wednesday 1 May.

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