transl: Marcela boxes will be Coordinator of the caucus of the PT in the Congress of Michoacán Michoacán

home Marcela boxes will be Coordinator of the caucus of the PT in the Congress of Michoacan Morelia, Michoacan.-La Commission Executive residential the Labor Party (PT) in Michoacan l appointed unanimously to the elected member, Carmen Marcela boxes Carrillo as coordinator of the parliamentary fraction of the PT in the Local Congress.
Within the framework of the regular meeting of the Commission Executive state that unfolded this weekend, in which topics were discussed situation and finally was put to discussion the need to already have the figure of parliamentary Coordinator to give you best towards the construction of the legislative agenda.
At the meeting, the State leader of the PT, Reginaldo Sandoval Flores, invited the Coordinator to lead ethical and responsible manner during your order and comply with what dictates the statutes of the labour party.

At the time, Casillas Carrillo, pledged to put in the center of all decisions of the caucus to citizen, represent in a way worthy and responsibly to the PT and dignify the legislative work of this political Institute.
«I feel very honored and grateful with my party for the opportunity afforded me to represent them. Grateful with the State leadership for the trust placed in my person. The PT has experienced exponential growth and that we owe it to the people that I trust in us and of course we won’t disappoint her,»concluded the elected member of Parliament.

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