translated from Spanish: These are the foods that most increased so far of the year

in the last two months, one of the areas that overheated inflation rates was the food.

In June, when the highest monthly price rise in throughout the Presidency of Mauricio Macri took place (3.7%), edible products had accelerated 5.2%, while in the last official report 4% did so.

Inflation in the first seven months of the year showed as a result that some foods because they accumulate a greater than 50% price increase. Even a product such as flour went up 111% since the beginning of the year.

The dozen eggs, at beginning of the year was worth $33,94 now $52,46 and average which means a difference of 54,57%, onion rose 52.65% going from 15.86 to $24.21, and bread is already listed just over $57, some $17 more than in January which represents an increase of 40.69%. 

Acceleration of the food prices in the past two months in general responds in part, according to analysts, to the devaluation of the peso which has been held since late April. 

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