translated from Spanish: The analysis of the DC on the situation of Sebastián Piñera: “Today is hostage of the UDI”

the President of the Christian Democrats, Fuad Chahin, analyzed the complex weeks who has lived the President Sebastián Piñera, which joins the change of command, the controversial statements of the now former Minister Mauricio Rojas and questions to his Undersecretary of welfare networks, Luis Castillo.
On the latter point Chahin, in an interview with La Tercera newspaper, believed that the culprits have first and last name: “President Piñera today it is hostage to the UDI. The UDI has done is hold to Castle. “Just check the record of the cause of former President Frei and is clear, it is not a contentious fact: Castle ordered that I will hide information”.
Although also reviewed the Government to Castle defense: “seems incomprehensible. This is not an issue between the Government and the DC or the opposition. This says relationship with certain minimum standards that we demand as a society with regard to the integrity and the honesty of the public authorities. It is not acceptable that you can exercise a position as Undersecretary someone who ordered to hide information in the context of an investigation into the killing of a President of the Republic”.
Finally, sent a message to the other parties of Chile are going so they reject Castle: “know that the UDI in this matter has been the guardian of the violators of the DD. “Hh., but the rest of the parties would like to stop keep silent”.

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