translated from Spanish: Vidal says: If wasn’t footballer “I had wanted to be a Jockey”

Arturo Vidal already listen at the Camp Nou, and despite the fact that it has entered the second time still way sum fixed minutes in the box Catalan. Therefore the fans already begins it to recognize and also club, who prepared a relaxed interview to show more of the Arturo.Una “King” of the questions that most given that talk was: what is devoted if it weren’t a footballer?, and is that the former Bayern Munich He didn’t hesitate a second “I had wanted to be a racer (of horses). Somehow I would have tried thousands of things in order to have proper conditions and take my family along”, pointed to the journalist of the Barcelona.the flywheel confessed that”second biggest passion I have after the football are the horses. I grew up with my father in a neighborhood where he had horses, my uncles had, but were ‘ferianos’, normal horses. “I grew up with them, seeing how they were, what they were doing, and eventually I was getting more in the horse-riding, I was knowing career and horses since childhood I have taste for horses”. On another issue that has given that speak in different instances, Vidal was asked about his personality, to what was defined as “quiet, I’m quiet. I like to be with my children, my friends, in my house and not go out much. When we are in competition I like horses, they are things that entertain me much”. He added that “everyone thinks that I am rude, always, but not. I am shy and quiet. “I like things that everyone likes, but the Court my concentration and my desire to win things always”. About his tattoos the new signing of the bluegrana picture story that “my first tattoo I did it at the age of 20, was the face of my mother.” Then they began to birth my kids. “Every tattoo has feelings, things that have happened in life: titles that I have with multiple computers, the names of my brothers, important things for me that I have in my body”. And another query that it was impossible not to perform, the musical tastes of the ‘King’ were one of the topics that the journalist of Barcelona, chose to what the star replied “reggaeton, the trap I really like now. It is the music that has me happy and they are things that happen in day to day. I like Ozuna, Anuel, Bad Bunny, Farruco.” And finally, in oto theme whereby recognized Vidal, her classic hairstyle, said “my hair is necessary to my way of playing and my way of life all these years. To impose on the rivals, so know that it will not be easy to deal with me. Some like, others not, but each has its style. It is my life so I’m going to go on like this.”

Original source in Spanish

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