translated from Spanish: Felipe Larraín’s plea to opposition by tax modernization: “Give a chance”

no sooner ended the national chain where President Sebast Ian Piñera announced his “tax modernization” and they broke out in social networks praises from supporters and criticism from the opposition.
Too general advertisement of the President left more doubts than certainties and responsible for clearing them has been the Minister of Hacienda Felipe Larraín, who this morning began with an intense round of radio and television interviews to highlight the benefits that – to his judgment – has this fix to the tax reform of the Government of Michelle Bachelet. In fact, this morning has scheduled a press conference at the headquarters of the portfolio to chop up the announcement.
In simple terms, Larraín has argued that the tax reform of Bachelet “wasn’t a good reform for Chile (…) We have a system that is extremely cumbersome”, adding that the Executive intends to ‘delete hateful discrimination’.
Larrain also stepped from the main criticism of the opposition, which has accused that the project benefits big business. “It is one thing to repeat slogans, the other is to look at the numbers (…) Numbers clearly say that there are more than 160 thousand companies in the semi integrated system, and of which more than 150 thousand are SMEs. So that do not follow with the mantra that this is only for large companies or that benefits only the big,”said the Minister.
In a call from the opposition, he said that “what the President has done yesterday is give the great lines, we are going to discuss the project with good will (…) “I regret that some who are already critical of reform, without knowing it, there are the call I make is look on his merit project”. “Give it a try,” he said.
Project “chamullento” but in opposition reacted with extreme scepticism. Former Minister of Social development, Marcos Barraza, said tax modernization project “is well chamullento” and noted that “the announcement by the President does not establish if it wants to reduce taxes on corporations or wealthy and where going to remove those “resources that are social policies and social protection”.
Moreover, the PC militant said that Pinera proposal responds to the influence exerted by the business community. “Reinstalling the pressure of entrepreneurs and today we have an ad for one that can be regressive for the collection of public policies (…) We are certain a threat that is back up in social policies under pressure from employers to Piñera’s Government,”he warned in T13 Radio.
Kast but the proposed piñerista criticism not attracted unanimous on the right. The former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast recalled that the campaign promise of President Sebastián Piñera was down taxes to businesses, and failed.
“Chileans who voted for a Government that promised to lower taxes to companies and reviving the country, today attended a Government that no less taxes and has increasingly more problems of conviction to do what is necessary to revive that country (…)” But President Piñera failed them to their constituents and to entrepreneurs,”said.
Doubts about the former new majority in the ranks of the former new majority tonic was the doubt. Senator DC Yasna Provoste said that “President us has used ads where headlines are enough interesting, but when it reaches the letter of the project is very different from what has been said”, as the former candidate Alejandro Guillier, through his Twitter account, said that the Government “again forgets to regions”.
Senator PPD Guido Girardi, said that the “integrated system” will benefit large companies and not for SMEs as you want to make look and criticizes the absence of food with stamps levies of “high on”, while their coreligionist Ricardo Lagos Weber said his doubts about the fundraising that will generate this reform.
Official applause on the sidewalk in the ruling party, everything is satisfaction. For the economy portfolio holder, José Ramón Valente, the announcement is good news because it contains a focal point “very clear to make you life easier to the middle class, entrepreneurs and SMEs”.
There was also applause from the business community. Alfonso Swett, President of the CPC, told Radio dune that the proposal is “return to justice, because the current system is unfair. Today Chile is more willing to foreign companies than Chilean.”
In Congress, Senator RN Andrés Allamand said that it is a “big announcement”, because it equates the field for SMEs, promotes job creation, revive the economy and ensures the State revenue to comply with social policies, while Juan UDI Deputy Antonio Coloma said tax modernization is “powerful” and highlighted in particular the taxpayer advocate and the measures pro investment and pro growth “that will bring job creation”.

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