translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: Minister Mañalich rules out of cases in Chile, warns that the “scenario may change”

After the World Health Organization declared the situation as an international emergency, different countries had to analyze the situation, and Chile was no exception, since during this day, the Jaime Mañalich met with China’s ambassador to the country, Xu Bu. An instance in which the secretary of state “thanked the Chinese government” for its handling of this emergency and assured that “there are no proven cases” in Chile yet, but that “that scenario may change.”
According to La Tercera, Mañalich said that “I have conveyed to the ambassador, on behalf of President Sebastián Piñera, the admiration and appreciation for the way in which the Chinese government has handled this situation, with absolute transparency, with a level of concern to control this infection so that it is not transmitted to others.”
With regard to whether the coronavirus has reached the national territory, the Health holder indicated that “in Chile we have not had any cases demonstrated so far, we do not have any suspicious cases under investigation to this day, but this is a scenario that of course can change.”
Thanks to the collaboration and effort of the Chinese government, we are optimistic, optimistic that Dr Tedros (WHO Director-General) has traveled to China,” he added.
With regard to Chinese-based Chileans, the Secretary of State noted that “we are respectful of the Chinese government’s measures, on maintaining quarantine, we consider them appropriate and have made contact with them.”
When consulted on the hospital compounds of the country are prepared for an eventual case, Mañalich argued that “yes”, since the coronavirus is so far “contagious, but not serious”.
“We are absolutely prepared, hospital sites have been designated where places of isolation can be generated for potentially infected people,” he added.

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