translated from Spanish: Imposed on digital platforms: an opportunity to innovate and modernize the tax system

Finance Minister confirmed, the tax modernization project already it is 90% and only I would be remiss to refine details. As well, within the most contentious matters of this project, it will be the tax platforms and digital services.
Given the lateness of the process, only it is expected that the project respects two principles relevant. First, don’t forget that there is a law on income tax which, like it or not, regulates much of the so-called digital platforms; Yes, very strange-sounding, the law regulates the taxation of transfer of “audiovisual to be displayed in cinema or television material”, “edit or author rights”, or “commissions”.
Interpreting these rules with a look more appropriate to the times, may include a series of platforms that allow us to see our favorite series, listen to the new album, order a taxi or rent a piece of hotel.
Then, as the problem does not derive from the lack of regulation, it should be remembered the second principle, fundraising must be effective. The great task of the project in this area is to fix a mechanism enabling the collection of tribute, i.e., define who has to pay.
In this regard, the most oft-repeated recommendation seems to be forcing operators of credit cards that they charged the tax and pay it to the Chilean Treasury.
This proposal, not to mention the effect on price that will have users that they will end up paying both the tax and administrative cost which support the referral operator, seems to forget that a large percentage of these operations are carried out in cash (as for example the payment at the hotel or the purchase of prepaid cards to download applications, etc.).
This lack, I believe, gives us the opportunity to innovate and truly modernize our tax system, establishing that the same platforms are which (without the cumbersome process of form and register in Chile) can register for the payment respective from their country of domicile or residence.

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