translated from Spanish: Carlos Larraín calls for advancing internal RN elections and agreeing with J. A. Kast

Self-supporting the General Council of National Renewal (RN) – through directors’ firms – to find «a way of solution for the leadership of the table» is the idea that during the day has been around inside the center party. The party faces an internal crisis that has been heightened this week following the resignation of three deputies – Cristóbal Urruticoechea, Harry Jurgensen and Bernardo Berger – who argued a lack of political decision-making of the party and legislative disorder on the bench. In this regard, other deputies such as Diego Schalper, Tomás Fuentes and Luis Pardo have criticized the lack of leadership of the table, led by Senator Rafael Prohens.The senator, in any case, has dismissed the criticism and asked to work towards the unity of the party. Prior to the general council on 26 September, former helmsman and former manager Carlos Larraín had reappeared on the NN intern to be held so that the internal elections would not be extended by 2021. Minister Mario Desbordes and his close friends as Vice-President Paulina Núñez called for the opposite. Larraín says the best way is to advance the election for the first half of January 2021.» I think the internal election should be advanced in order for this situation to be decanted. The first half of January would be a good thing for this interim to end and ultimately the bases can vote. In RN, militants have always voted except for some extension for an emergency reason, but now it is precisely the circumstances that the party has a directive with a broader base than the current directive,» he says. Asked if it will be available to compete, in case the elections take place in January, Larraín replies: «I have been available all these months to help get out of the way, so if there is anything I can help, I will gladly do so.» A symptom of the lack of leadership, in his view, is the time the party has taken to define whether RN will be available to deal with José Antonio Kast’s Republican Party on the list of members of the Constitutional Convention, which will be elected on April 11.

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