translated from Spanish: You remember work table for mortality of manatees

Villahermosa, Tabasco.-the owner of secretariat of environment and natural resources (SEMARNAT), Rafael Pacchiano Alaman, and the Governor of the State of Tabasco, Arturo Núñez Jiménez, agreed to the installation of a work table to meet social, simultaneous and independent actions of the Environmental Committee, with the common goal of finding solutions in the shortest possible time. In the framework of the Committee to the attention of the contingency for manatee mortality in water bodies of the State of Tabasco, federal and local authorities agreed to incorporate in an inter-agency group parallel to the secretariats for Social development and Health of the State to resolve critical situations of social character. With the presence of representatives from communities in affected areas, who explained their needs and concerns, as well as testify its accompaniment of the actions, the Committee reported the incorporation of researchers of the College of the Frontera Sur (ECOSUR) and the Institute of biology of the University national autonomous de Mexico (UNAM), in addition to the Juárez Autonomous University of Tabasco and the technological Institute of Boca del Río (ITBoca).

Rafael Pacchiano Alaman, Secretary of environment and natural resources. Photo: courtesy.

The Dr. María de el Refugio Castañeda Chávez, the ITBoca, confirmed their collaboration for the analysis of samples of water, sediment, and plants; While the doctor Jorge Alberto Goñi Arévalo, ecosur, presented a study which aims high probability of presence of toxins in water bodies by harmful algae bloom, which adds to the assumptions previously made. Therefore arose as to the creation of a team of scientists that analyzed these algae and determine whether they are the possible cause of the death of manatees, as well as determine the zones where they are flourishing, and counter them by increasing water flow. Moreover, in follow-up to the agreements and commitments, Carlos de Regules Ruiz-Funes, director of the ASEA, reported that the Agency reviewed 33 PEMEX facilities in the municipalities of Macuspana and Jonuta Tabasco, same that had been reported by the fishermen of the area.

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From 17 to 19 August, the ASEA verified 18 Lake wells of the field Comegen and Cobos; 15 wells of the Usumacinta field; and 2 collection stations. It should be noted that the review was in charge of a brigade composed of staff of the ASEA, PROFEPA, CONANP, CONAGUA, Association of environmental engineers of Tabasco, a notary public and the leader of the community, Yuliana Cambrano Regules announced that the inspections will continue at PEMEX facilities, determined in conjunction with representatives of the communities with the aim of addressing their concerns; in a first phase by air, and later with the revision of the pipelines along its entire length. As regards the commitment to supply drinking water to communities in the area, Amalio Cardona, local director of CONAGUA, informed that four water treatment plants (2 in Bitazales, 1 in Jonuta and 1 in Centla) have been arranged. He clarified that in any way the slaughter will be with river water.

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He said that in the short-term there will be 4 new plants to have a total of 8 and will explore the possibility of opening new wells for drinking water supply. He stressed that the supply of water with 3 pipes was implemented from August 17. Also, Cardona explained that from 17 to 20 August was carried out taking samples of water, sediment and vegetation (plants and algae) for 15 sites, which involved 2 work brigades composed of personnel SERNAPAM, SEMARNAT, CONAGUA, IMTA, PROFEPA. Each Brigade was accompanied by a notary public. He said that two notaries public registered each and every one of the 14 samples, in order to strengthen the monitoring of the quality of the water, sediments and plants, whereas 250 parameters. CONAGUA estimates have lab results before August 30.

As regards the commitment to allocate 5 million pesos for temporary employment in communities in the area, the SEMARNAT delegation to that it develops the foundations of temporary employment program. Approach has been taken with the affected communities and is assessed the possibility of benefit 60 communities and give attention to 1,437 families who live and work in fishing. The Committee for the attention of the contingency for manatee mortality in water bodies of the State of Tabasco reported that 36 dead specimens have been found to date. He confirmed that the microsite contains detailed information about the actions undertaken. The head of the SEMARNAT, Rafael Pacchiano Alaman; participated in this meeting of the Committee the Governor of Tabasco, Arturo Núñez Jiménez; the Attorney Federal protection to the environment (PROFEPA), Guillermo Haro Bélchez; and the Executive Director of the Security Agency, energy and environment (ASEA), Carlos de Regules Ruiz Funes, as well as representatives of federal, State agencies, social organizations, cooperatives and universities. In this note: Tabasco Semarnat Rafael Pacchiano Alaman manatees

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