translated from Spanish: Bishop of San Bernardo presented Netfe, the Catholic “Netflix”

the Bishop of San Bernardo, Juan Ignacio González, announced the launch of a portal of streaming with various contents of a religious nature, which aims to be a simile to the popular platform Netflix.Se is Netfe, a page that after three months running white, just launch and disseminate the same religious, through social networks.” It is mine, an initiative of mine and other five marriages here in the diocese, so I do not come with attribute it to other groups, because that is a lie. The idea was born here and we are responsible for, for better or for worse,”said Gonzalez to the Tercera.El priest said that the portal”does not have political contingency or other issues, the idea is not to argue with anyone, but deliver aid from our perspective; and the second is, obviously, not to the whole world you have to like. This is our look, we respect that of others, but this is ours”. Despite this, one of the content already generated controversy, as it appeared a video of the American therapist Richard Cohen, which explains as “understanding and healing homosexuality”. Other available videos talk about the morning-after pill and the natural regulation of fertility methods. Religious as “Eucharistic adoration”, “Canon law”, “Bible” and “the devil and evil” there is also material properly.

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