translated from Spanish: Carrio wants to renounce Garavano: is it possible to have the impeachment of a Minister?

a single Tweet of Elisa Carrió achieved for national politics, since the member considered that the words of the Minister of Justice, Germán Garavano, on the situation of Cristina Kirchner «subject of a political judgement». 

As recorded in the national Constitution, in its article n ° 53, if you want to remove the President, Vice President, head of Cabinet, Ministers and members of the Supreme Court, the order should formulate in the Chamber of Deputies, which will be AC accusing Mara. 


The fees that can be charged to the members of the Executive or the Supreme are: poor performance, crime in the exercise of their functions or common crimes. 

However, to achieve the accusation and to pass to the Chamber of senators, you should get 2/3 of the votes. If the accusation to get that number in both houses, the official will be deposed «unable to deal with no honor, trust or paid employment in the nation». 

One of the most memorable cases is that of Aníbal Ibarra, who ruled the city of Buenos Aires when the Cromañón tragedy happened. 11 months later, in November 2005, the Buenos Aires deputies voted for suspension from their duties so that a judging room try his case. 

In March 2006, more than one year after the 194 deaths in the recital of Callejeros, the judging room decided to impeach to the by head of Government.   

These Garavano sayings are a disgrace to the Republic and the division of powers. It can be also related impunity for Menem at the Chamber of Cassation. If this is so, it is liable to impeachment. – Elisa Lilita Carrio (@elisacarrio) 3 October 2018El lawyer Roberto Boico was consulted by edge and explained that there is no way that a Minister can be subjected to this procedure since his resignation is always to disposal of the President, which could throw him out if it chooses to do so. 

The Constitutionalist lawyer also added that there is no memory of the Executive power official dismissed in that way, unlike Ministers of the Court, as for example Eduardo Moline O’Connor, Member of ‘The automatic majority’ of the 90’s, subjected to a political trial in 2003. 

Same fate ran Antonio Boggiano in 2005, which remained at the Court throughout the impeachment process, until finally the Senate voted with 2/3 of its members. 

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