translated from Spanish: How much money earn the influencers of Instagram?

be influencer has become the new «profession» of fashion. Just look up the word in Google to discover a lot of articles about how to become a «Instagram superstar» and win large sums of money.
The model and exconcursante of British reality TV programme Love Island, Olivia Buckland is one of them.
But things are not coming out as expected: has gotten in trouble with the body of self-regulation in the advertising industry in the United Kingdom by not specifying that one of his posts was sponsored by a brand.
However, it is unlikely such disciplinary actions to curb the enthusiasm of an activity that has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon in less than a decade.
How much money can a person earn through social networks?
Kat Richardson, Director of marketing of influencers WaR Agency, told the BBC that at least 10,000 followers to the account are needed to «begin to do something».

Up to 6 figures the instagramers of 10,000 followers are, according to Richardson, «a level quite low» and charge around US$ 130 for each post in the social network.
But they can expect to earn much more.
«Once you reach the 30,000 followers, can earn more than US$ 970 for a post for a fashion or beauty brand», explains the specialist.
Rohan Midha is the director of a creative agency PMYB, which works with influencers, and ensures that the «microinfluencers» – people who have less followers – receive free samples of products, while larger accounts have profits to «come to» the six figures».

The relationships between brands and the influencers tend to be more beneficial for both parties than sporadic publications.
«What we have seen in our data is that the specific posts are not very credible,» warns Midha. «The best results occur when the influencer promotes the brand for a long time.»
Despite this, Kat says that Instagram accounts with around a million followers can get close to US$ 13,000 for a single publication.
PALa blogger Zoe Suggs has 12 million subscribers on Youtube and more than one million followers in Instagram.Pero the number of followers is not necessarily equivalent to an extraordinary payment.
There are «many variables» in the collaborations between brands and «influencers,» says Kat.
«Instagram, for example, it is more expensive to put a link to the website of the brand and links to certain products. You pay also if ‘Stories’ are made or if they write about it in his blog and put a link in your account of Instagram».
«Everything comes as a package that can sell the brand and increase the monetary value of the influencer.»
At the top of the scale, there are people like Kylie Jenner TV star, who has more than 116 million followers on Instagram, 25 million on Twitter and 21 million on Facebook. WINS in lathe to $1 million for a single post.

Who make more money on Instagram?
Kylie Jenner: 111 million followers, $1 million for post.
Selena Gomez: 139 million followers, US$ 800,000 for post.
Cristiano Ronaldo: 137 million followers, US$ 750,000 for post.
Kim Kardashian West: 114 million followers, US$ 720.000 for post.
Beyoncé Knowles: 116 million followers, US$ 700,000 for post.
Some tips… what to do then to be a successful influencer?
«The basic idea is that people buy things of people who trust and admire», said Rohan. «If an influencer has the ability to make his audience acting, the marks will be more willing to pay for that you promote your product or service».
Kat adds that it is important «not to publish too much sponsored content» because «your audience you criticise if you do».
«It is also important to publish things about brands that work for you. If you normally associate with beauty products and then you try to represent a product for the home, maybe that the people reject it».

And it is important to choose the platform.
Kat says that makes them interested in least Facebook and Twitter now than a decade ago: «the ‘Stories’ of Instagram are enormous. Surely they have more strength».
YouTube, on the other hand, «is more focused on a younger audience».
But what has really done that the influencers to be fashionable and that brands sometimes prefer them traditional advertising?
«I think that it is the fact that it goes deeper in history,» Kat replies. «If you look at a TV advertisement, there is a personal story behind, but there’s something about that person who you already decided that you’re interested when you follow an influencer.»
«You know who they are and you like your lifestyle, and when they publish something about a product, there is already a link ready for you.»

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