translated from Spanish: Three children are facing huge snake to save his dog

a dramatic video viralizó in the last hours on social networks that shows the time in which three children face, with full courage, a gigantic snake to rescue to your dog. In the pictures you can see how the reptile was wrapped around the lower part of the dog that barked repeatedly in a clear sign of desperation.

Photo: Taken from video boys, all minors, without thinking in the danger of their reaction, they used sticks and branches to scare away the serpiente.Como remained on the body of the dog, decided to develop it with their own hands. The biggest of the three fastened her head, while the other two forcejeaban with your body.

Photo: Taken from video reptile resisted until the three children managed to pull it off and thus rescuing your dog. Once the dog managed to quit, the video looks how the eldest of the brothers remained with the Serpent’s head in his hand.
Although the video viralizó quickly, so far did not know where the event happened. Neither the State of dog, although on the images one sees it in good shape. In this note: courage three children face snake save dog

Original source in Spanish

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