translated from Spanish: Kel featured previously unpublished details of relationship with his mother: “Leaves you to paste up the toothbrush ready”

Kel Calderón was in the morning welcome to tell more details of his weeks in Milan and Paris, where I enjoy d (e) the latest designers. However, it declassified previously unpublished details of his relationship with his mother to several viewers surprised. Graduate of law said that his MOM follows each of its steps and have left the family home was the best decision.” “Coexistence in the House was a little unbearable, because my friend is ‘ my house, my rules, the time that is eaten, the toothpaste have you in the brush, have you clothes the next day… when I went to live alone and there all improved” He said in the morning. In that context, he said that on his last trip together in Miami to the “Raca” not passed as structured. “The first six days, my mom regalona.” But I swear, tooth paste in the brush, the breakfast, the book that I had to read was on the bed”, said. That’s when Argandoña first spoke to respond to the words of his daughter. “Paste brush is so don’t forget to brush our teeth.” The theme does not change when Kel is travel, as it is now. “Rather than keep the distance, Argandoña takes advantage of visiting the Department and put”things in order”that he does not like.” Whenever I travel I find a different decoration in my Department. Changed me the light in the bathroom, changed the curtain, there was a decoration that didn’t like it then sent it to the winery, changed her schedule to nanny. All those things done while I am not in my Department”, he said. Argandoña, in his defense, said that he did nothing “intrusa” but concerned. “I am very invasive, but now I’ve been less.”

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